Atosa is a name commonly found in countries who speak Farsi, meaning beautiful body. And just like our name, Our Refrigeration line is a perfect blend of eye-pleasing aesthetics with functionality and style. It will make your kitchen stand out above the rest.

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All models come with a standard 2 year warranty.
Available for local pricing and pick up in Lubbock, TX

Grindmaster Cecilware

Furnish your entire kitchen with the coverage of the industries leading counter-top warranty of 2 years on all pieces


#1 Wholesale Restaurant Supply Equipment Store

Restaurants require specialized cooking supplies and commercial-scale equipment as regular kitchen equipment isn’t designed to make high quantities of food. Commercial kitchen environments are also rough on equipment, causing a substantial amount of wear and tear. Restaurants require durable and resilient tools and appliances that can last in this harsh environment. At Big Plate Restaurant Supply, we offer good-quality kitchen supplies for all your needs.

One-Stop Shop

Restaurants don’t just need cooking utensils, but also a wide range of tools and equipment for day-to-day operations. We’re a one-stop shop for all your kitchen equipment needs so you don’t need to visit multiple vendors. Here’s a look at what the #1 wholesale restaurant supply equipment store offers:

  • Baking – This section includes almost every baking supply you need from cake tins and molds to pizza trays. All of these items are made for commercial use so they can easily withstand rough and extensive use easily.
  • Bar – We offer good-quality bar supplies for commercial bars, cafés, and restaurants. Our store has items like shakers, bottle openers, speed rail, glass rimmers, bar spoons, condiment dispensers, etc.
  • Dining – Dining supplies should be presentable and durable because you don’t want to leave a bad impression on customers. We provide great flat ware, plate ware, tabletop accessories, food service items, and furniture to help you deliver a good experience to your guests.
  • Kitchen – There’s no shortage of kitchen supplies in our store. We have over 500 food preparation items and several uniform and food storage products as well. No matter what you need for a commercial kitchen, we have it.
  • Janitorial – Keeping restaurant premises clean is an important aspect of running the business. Our #1 wholesale restaurant supply equipment store provides a wide range of janitorial supplies like flatware bins, dustpans, trash bins, large toilet paper dispensers, wet floor signs, bar carts, etc. All of these items will make keeping your restaurant environment clean very easy.
  • Equipment – The store has light equipment as well as beverage equipment items. We have bun pan racks, coffee pots, wire shelves, table, knife racks and similar accessories that make organization and storage easier.
  • Catering – Many restaurants offer catering services and host events. We provide good-quality catering supplies to help you provide excellent catering. Our store has everything from plates and spoons to large trays for service. All catering supplies are resilient so they can withstand frequent transport or cleaning.

Home cooks can also get great kitchen equipment and accessories from our retail store. The items are still professional grade and available at affordable prices.

Different Brands

Quality is important to us, which is why we sell products from recognized and trusted brands. Our store has equipment and commercial kitchen tools from companies like:
  • Atosa
  • Cambro
  • Carlisle
  • Grindmaster Cecilware
  • Lodge
  • Mason Cash
  • Nordic Ware
  • Pitco
  • Sharp
  • Table Craft
If you want to know more about our #1 wholesale restaurant supply equipment store, get in touch with Big Plate Restaurant Supply through the contact us form. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.