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5 Reasons to Use Araven Food Storage Containers

5 Reasons to Use Araven Food Storage Containers

Photo of 3 sizes of blue Araven pans with lids. The title "5 Reasons to Switch to Araven Food Storage Containers" is superimposed over the photo.

What does your establishment use for food storage containers? Have you tried Araven airtight containers? They’re a step (or five) above the gastronorm food pans you’re used to. Think Tupperware for food service! Here are the top five reasons why you should consider switching your facility’s food pans to Araven.

Photo of a hand holding a marker poised to write on the label of an Araven container. This image represents the built-in label feature on this product.

Reason #1: Labels

Araven puts integrated traceability labels inside the container. The label is actually sandwiched between layers of BPA-free ABS, which means you never have to buy another food label again. You can write on the container with a marker. It has everything: space to record the product, date, use by date, and temperature ranges. With Araven food storage containers you don’t have to worry about whether your labels are removable, washable, or dissolvable. Araven has taken all that out of the equation and found a way to save you money by never having to buy labels again.

Photo of 3 blue lidless Araven containers. This image represents the superior thickness of this product.

Reason #2: Thickness

Araven containers are thicker than the classic food storage containers you’ve become used to. They have created their containers two millimeters thick which may not sound like much, but it’s HUGE. That extra thickness means these containers are more resistant to breakage when dropped. It means temperature changes aren’t as hard on them. In the end, you’ll experience a lot less breakage, which means you’re buying fewer food storage containers.

Photo of 2 blue Araven containers with lids. This image represents the option of Araven's airtight lids that fit their containers.

Reason #3: Airtight Lids

Araven makes lids with an airtight gasket seal to fit these containers. These lids fit snugly into the container, creating an airtight seal to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. Foods that go bad very quickly like guacamole, tomatoes, potato salad, etc. will have a longer shelf life, and this improves your food cost! You also get to save money on saran wrap and foil because you’re sealing your containers with reusable, washable, airtight lids.

Image of four blue Araven food storage containers stacked. This image represents the stackable design of these containers.

Reason #4: Stackable

Araven food storage containers are designed with notches on the sides, making them stack better than traditional gastronorm pans. It also allows these containers to dry more effectively when stacked. With Araven containers, there’s no more struggle to pry apart wet, stacked food storage containers! In addition, because of the lids, Araven containers become stackable in your food storage area, which can save you tons of room on your shelves.

Photo of two blue Araven containers snapped together to form a larger container. This image represents the ability to snap these pans together.

Reason #5: Snap Together

Araven food storage containers are designed to snap together. This feature lets you use them in unique functions. Create containers for oddly shaped food items by snapping two Araven containers together. Again, this cuts down on the amount of saran wrap or foil you need to cover food. It’s just another feature that adds functionality to your food storage containers.

Those are our top 5 reasons we think you should switch to Araven food storage containers, and there are more we could mention. These containers are transparent so you can easily identify the contents. They can handle temperatures from 176°F to down to -40°F. The rounded edges and corners are easier to clean. They have graduated measurements on the side. And while they cost a little more than traditional containers, their affordability will surprise you. We believe they’ll pay for themselves with the savings from not buying food labels, outlasting the other brands, decreasing your food waste, and saving you on food wrap. What Tupperware did for our mom’s kitchens (affordable, virtually indestructible, unmatched in functionality), Araven pans will do for your food service kitchen! Browse our food storage options online or in the store to see what’s right for your needs.

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