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14 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

14 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

Photo of a clean, white kitchen. The text "14 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen" and the Big Plate logo are over the photo.

It sure feels good to organize your kitchen. We have 14 ideas for items that will help get your culinary supplies in order. Maybe you have plenty of space and just need ways to make it more usable, or perhaps you’re a little cramped in the kitchen and need some space-saving ideas. Either way, read on for some helpful suggestions!

Photo of nine kitchen knives on a magnetic knife bar mounted to a white tile wall.

1. Organize Your Kitchen Knives

There are several options when it comes to effectively organizing kitchen knives. If you have the countertop space, a knife block is a no-brainer for safely and attractively storing your knives. If what you have is drawer space, a knife drawer organizer will work great. One of our FAVORITE kitchen hacks, however, is to use a knife magnet bar! You can put a knife bar above the sink, on the side of the fridge, on your backsplash, at the end of a cabinet, in the pantry–anywhere you have a bit of wall space. Plus they come in a variety of sizes to fit your space and your knife collection.

Photo of raisins, nuts, flour, sugars, etc. stored in clear OXO Pop containers arranged on kitchen shelves.

2. Organize the Kitchen with Clear Containers

Clear containers are both useful and attractive. You always know how much product is inside. You can label them in whatever way suits your style. They’re stackable, unlike most food packaging, and that helps maximize your space. They’re airtight, keeping your foods fresh longer. Plus, clear containers are attractive!

Photo of 3 jars of spices on their sides and spilled on a white counter.

3. Organize Your Spices & Seasonings

Your spices may live in a cabinet, on the counter, in a drawer, on the wall, or on a shelf in the pantry. Wherever you put them, they need to be well-organized and accessible. Some people find it helpful to put their spices and seasonings in attractive matching containers with labels. An even more economical version can be found here. You’ll get a sense of satisfaction by looking at your neatly arranged spice collection every time you cook.

Photo of seasonings and canned goods arranged on a stainless steel lazy Susan.

4. Organize with a Turntable or Lazy Susan

Turntables and Lazy Susans can be a great organizing tool in your kitchen! They can help you maximize space in corners and other spaces that can be hard to reach. Use them for spices, dishes, canned goods, oils and vinegars, etc. Choose economical ones for inside cabinets or try this marble turntable for displaying. For a great video from a home organizing professional on how to use lazy Susans in your kitchen, click here.

Photo of ChicWrap parchment paper and a woodgrained dispenser on a white background.

5. Organize with Attractive Dispensers

Sometimes the kitchen gets low on drawer and cabinet space, so we need items handy that don’t have to be hidden! These beautiful parchment, foil, and cling wrap dispensers can be set on your counter, mounted under the cabinets, or even mounted against the wall. Your foil, cling wrap, and parchment will be handy, and that drawer space will be available for something else!

Photo of flatware and kitchen untensils organized in a bamboo drawer organizer.

6. Organize Kitchen Drawers

Drawers can become a catch all for junk unless you provide a place for everything (so everything can stay in its place). Attractive bamboo drawer organizers are the perfect solution for maximizing storage in kitchen drawers. This product expands to fit tightly in almost any size drawer, which keeps it in place and allows you to use every square inch. It’s perfect for flatware, kitchen tools, seasonings, and even small pantry items.

Photo of eggplant, cabbage, bell peppers, mini peppers, grapes, and garlic stored in a variety of sizes of clear food storage containers with lids.

7. Organize with Food Service Containers

Food service containers can be a fantastic option for organizing home kitchens as well as commercial kitchens! We recommend the clear plastic ones so you can see the contents. They can be purchased in almost any size, they’re nestable, they’re stackable, they’re food safe, and you can purchase lids to fit them, as well. Use these on shelves, in your cabinets, in the refrigerator and freezer, in the pantry, and even on the counter.

Photo of three paper bags secured with orange, green, cream, and red clips.

8. Organize with Kitchen Clips

Kitchen clips will, of course, keep your food fresher. But they’re great for organizing, as well! Clip bags, then hang the clips from hooks inside cabinet doors, from wire shelving, from hooks on the back of the pantry door, or from hooks on a wall. You can organize clipped bags in rows inside a basket or box to keep them neat but accessible. Clips with magnets can even be hung on the refrigerator or other metal surface! Clips are also great for hanging recipes, grocery lists, conversion charts, and other helpful kitchen info.

Photo of the Lodge Pan stacker filled with 6 cast iron pans. The stacker is on a granite countertop next to 3 cookbooks and a plant.

9. Organize with Pan/Lid Stackers

Pans, casserole dishes, lids, and the like can be tough to store in a space-friendly way while still having them easily accessible. Pan and lid organizers are a game changer when it comes to this problem! This one by Lodge is designed to handle heavy cast iron pans, and it can be used vertically or horizontally. This one is adjustable and designed to allow several to attach end to end, providing storage for as many items as you need. These can really help you make good use of a tall space, a wide space, or an awkwardly shaped space. They’re a safer way to store your pans and bakeware since you don’t have to nest them, which can cause damage.

Photo of a cutting board rack filled with six cutting boards. Three cleaning brushes are hanging from hooks on the side of the rack.

10. Organize with a Cutting Board Rack

This cutting board rack is great for organizing cutting boards, sheet pans, cookie sheets, drying racks, and more. Anything that’s fairly slim will slide perfectly into the handy slots. And there are hooks on either side to maximize your space saving options! This rack will help you use skinny and/or tall spaces in your kitchen and pantry.

Photo of a white crock full of wooden utensils sitting on a shelf.

11. Organize with a Utensil Crock

Use an attractive container to keep kitchen utensils handy while freeing up drawer space. A ceramic crock works great. You can even purchase a container that comes with the utensils! A utensil crock sits nicely on a shelf or on the counter next to the stove. You may want a second one near the sink to hold your scrub brushes and other cleaning tools.

Photo of a vintage recipe box filled with old recipes. It sits on a wooden table and is surrounded by recipe cards, eggs, a rolling pin, a mixing bowl, and other recipe boxes.

12. Organize with Recipe Boxes

You can use recipe boxes conventionally, to store your recipes. Or you can use them in more unique ways like storing kitchen clips, small kitchen gadgets, twist ties, medicines or vitamins, preportioned snacks, ziplock bags, measuring spoons, tea bags, coupons, or items that would traditionally go in a junk drawer. They’re attractive, stylish, stackable, and handy for hiding stuff you need close at hand but don’t want to show.

Photo of a roll of paper towel on a wooden surface.

13. Paper Towel Holder

Get that paper towel off your counter with a good paper towel holder! We love this one because it can mount vertically or horizontally, and it allows you to tear just one sheet at a time! That unique feature cuts down on waste and allows you to grab a paper towel with just one hand, which can be super helpful when your other hand is busy cooking.

Photo of a large kitchen with a hanging pot rack over the stove which is on an island. There are five pots and pans hanging from the rack.

14. Hanging Pot Rack

Another option for organizing cooking pots and pans is to use a hanging pot rack. It keeps your pots and pans handy to the stove top without using any cabinet or drawer space. If you’ve got ceiling space in your kitchen, especially over an island or bar, this might be the perfect storage option for you!

We hope these ideas and products prove helpful as you work on getting your kitchen organized. We have lots more ideas where these came from, so come visit us or browse our website to see all we have to offer!

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