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How to Finance Equipment from Big Plate

How to Finance Equipment from Big Plate

Photo of a distressed red metal sign in a shop window. The sign reads "No Payments for 90 Days. Powered by Quickspark Financial. Buy now & pay later. *For qualified customers." The Big Plate logo is over the photo.

Big Plate knows that sometimes you need to finance the equipment you purchase from us, so we make that an option for you! We partner with Quickspark to make equipment financing an effortless process, allowing you to ease your expenses and spend more time on what matters most.

Photo of a smiling woman holding her phone in one hand and credit card in the other. It represents how easy it is for her to finance equipment.

Low Monthly Payments

Make monthly payments on your financed equipment that range from 12 – 60 months, ensuring the best fit for your business.


Photo of a smiling woman holding ten $100 bills. It represents being able to generate revenue from financed equipment before making a payment.

Generate Revenue with Your Financed Equipment

Get the equipment you need now and pay for it later in small, manageable payments. Start earning money before your first payment is even due!


Photo of credit cards laying on top of a keyboard. It represents letting Quickspark finance your equipment instead of using credit cards.

Keep Lines of Credit Open

Save your lines of credit for emergencies by financing your equipment with us. You can use Quickspark financing to help build business credit.


Photo of a worksheet titled "Tax Deductions" laying on a wooden desk. Also visible are glasses, a pen, a notebook, and a paper with numbers hand written on it.

Take a Tax Deduction on Your Financed Equipment

Most businesses can potentially deduct 100% of the total financed equipment costs through Section 179. Check with your tax professional to determine if you qualify.


Photo of a man holding a question mark in front of his face, symbolizing a person wondering if they can finance their equipment if they have bad credit.

What if I Have Bad Credit or Have Had a Bankruptcy?

Whether you have good or bad credit, QuickSpark can help your business find the right equipment with a plan that fits your financial needs. They work with multiple funding sources and can provide options and programs for businesses that have a low credit score. Bankruptcy looks bad to banks, but Quickspark’s funding sources have programs that get businesses the equipment they need. They are in the business of financing your small business dreams!


Photo of a man in an apron working on a laptop from behind a bar.

What if I’m New to the Business?

Financial institutions consider startups as high risk, but Quickspark looks at financing your equipment as an opportunity to help a new business grow.


Photo of a man in an apron standing outside a food truck holding trays of food.

What if I’m a Sole Proprietor?

With the growing number of sole proprietorships, Quickspark has lined up lenders who are willing and able to fund these types of businesses. You don’t have to be big to get your equipment financed.


Woman in a blue dress with her arms crossed smiling and standing in front of a bar with employees at work in the background.

Is This a Smart Option if I Have Good Credit?

With this program, customers with superior credit are rewarded and offered competitive terms and rates with the lowest payments possible on their equipment financing.


Photo of man in a light blue button down and red plaid bowtie looking skeptical to indicate he'd like to hear what others who have financed their equipment through Quickspark have to say about it.

What do People Who Have Financed Equipment with Quickspark Have to Say?

Restaurant owners and entrepreneurs who have used the service to finance their equipment say their representatives were friendly, amazing, quick to respond, prompt, and clear. See for yourself by clicking here.


Photo of a bird's eye view perspective of a man's hands on a laptop. A notebook, phone, and cup of coffee are nearby.

The Application is Easy

The application to finance your equipment is quick and easy to fill out online. Here’s all the info you’ll need:

  • Amount to finance
  • Equipment description
  • Ship to address
  • Equipment location
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Vendor name (Big Plate Restaurant Supply)
  • Sales Rep
  • Phone number (806-784-0553)
  • Website (www.bigplatesupply.com)
  • Your business name
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Optional: Federal Tax ID # & business website
  • Your job title
  • Your social security number
  • Any other owners’ information

Are you ready to apply for equipment financing? Just click here. A QuickSpark representative will contact you within 24 hours of your application (or on Monday if submitted during the weekend).

Image of a hand clicking an "Apply Now" button on a blue background.

Let Big Plate (and Quickspark) help you get the equipment you need…NOW! Side note, if your dream involves catering, read this helpful post about how to start your own catering business!

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