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Big Plate Has Big News!

Big Plate Has Big News!

Photo of a hand holding a megaphone against a yellow background. The text "Big Plate Has Big News" and the Big Plate logo appear over the background.

The Big Plate team has some VERY exciting news, but first let us tell you a short story for context.


Photo of Big Plate in 2010.

Big Plate’s Origin Story

After decades in the foodservice industry, Joe Nuckolls saw the need for a restaurant supply store in Lubbock, Texas. As he prepared to open Big Plate in 2005, he needed a supplier. Through a series of FORTUNATE events, he was able to connect with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply out of San Antonio, Texas.

Big Plate has been purchasing from Ace Mart every week since the beginning. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing; Ace Mart allowed us to offer that kind of value and stay in business all these years.


Photo of Johnathan and Paul Gustafson in an Ace Mart store.

Ace Mart’s Origin Story

Ace Mart was started by the Gustafson family in 1975, and three generations later, the company is still family-owned. The Gustafsons were instrumental in Joe’s initial startup, selling to Big Plate at prices we couldn’t get ANYWHERE. Without Ace Mart, there wouldn’t be a Big Plate!


Photo of a man looking excited.

Exciting News

The exciting news is that we are deepening our relationship with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply, and that is going to benefit ALL of our customers in so many ways. You’ll see better pricing, a broader selection of inventory, and many, many more resources to help your business grow and thrive.


Photo of a happy woman in a bakery, symbolizing one of our customers.

Benefits to Our Customers

Ace Mart’s buying power will allow us to lower our prices. Since Ace Mart has been in business longer, has more sales, and has more connections with more vendors, they have access to more products. Extra resources that will become available to our customers include: 1) a department specifically for handling bigger bids like schools and hospitals, 2) service and installation of equipment (eventually), 3) a private label value brand, and 4) faster shipping times.


Photo of the Big Plate Management Team: Matt, Seve, & Bianca.

What Won’t Change

While Big Plate’s customers can look forward to these exciting changes, they can also rest assured that the important things won’t change.

You’ll still see the same great people that you’ve come to know and trust over the years. The team will remain the same. The relationships you’ve built with our Big Plate family will still be here.

Big Plate will STILL have the same level of commitment to customer service to get you what you need when you need it. Excellent customer service is the standard we’ve set for ourselves. It’s what you’ve come to expect, and it’s how our customers will continue to be treated.

We’ll still be right in the heart of Lubbock at 50th and Quaker, just like we’ve been for over 17 years.

Big Plate will be owned by Ace Mart, but we will still be Big Plate!


Closeup photo of typing on a page that reads "The Future is Exciting..."

Why We Are Excited

In short, the relationship between Big Plate and Ace Mart will allow us to offer every customer MORE: more value, more options, and more resources. Change can be scary, but the truth is that we’ve never been in a better position to help you and your business succeed.

If you have questions, feel free to come in the store and talk to us, call (806-784-0553), email us ([email protected]), or DM us on social media. We appreciate your continued business and look forward to showing you how this change will benefit YOU!

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