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Taylor Thermometers

Photo of a roast chicken with a Taylor thermometer in it. The text "Taylor Thermometers" and the Big Plate logo are over the photo.

Taylor Thermometers

Photo of a roast chicken with a Taylor thermometer in it. The text "Taylor Thermometers" and the Big Plate logo are over the photo.
(Published in collaboration with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply)

As an experienced chef, you must have a well-rounded set of tools to ensure that your dishes are of the highest quality. Among the most critical kitchen utensils are knives, measuring cups and spoons, and last but not least, thermometers. Thermometers are used in the kitchen to measure and display the temperature of various foods, playing a vital role in maintaining food safety from preparation to serving. When it comes to measuring temperature accurately, Taylor Thermometers are a trusted brand. They offer a variety of thermometers to suit different needs, from cooking to refrigeration.

Note that not all thermometers are created equal, and each one serves a distinct purpose. In this guide, we will explore the different types of thermometers available and how they can help you keep your kitchen’s food safe. By understanding the unique functions of each thermometer, you can ensure that your dishes are cooked to perfection, and your customers are satisfied with the quality and safety of your food.  Here are some of the different types of Taylor Thermometers and their uses:

Photo of an oven safe dial thermometer

Dial Oven-Safe Thermometer

This Taylor thermometer can hang or stand in your oven, leaving valuable oven real estate for your chicken, turkey, casseroles, baked goods, and more. It has an easy-to-read 2-1/4-inch dial that helps distinguish temperature range at-a-glance. For accurate temperature reads, this thermometer uses a red pointer to identify the current temperature while in the oven. This precision dial oven thermometer is constructed of durable stainless steel and has a temperature range of 100°F to 600°F, suitable for use in a wide range of baking conditions.

Photo of a thermocouple thermometer

Thermocouple Thermometer

This thermometer reads in 2-5 seconds and gives the fastest reading. It’s good for measuring the temperatures of thick and thin foods. However, it’s not designed to remain in food while it’s cooking, so check the internal temperature of food near the end of cooking time. You can calibrate it, but it’s more costly and may be difficult for consumers to find in stores.

Photo of an infrared thermometer

Infrared Thermometer w/Laser Sight

This Taylor thermometer detects temperature through light rather than direct contact with heat. It measures hot temperatures without getting close to hot objects, which makes it a perfect solution for pizza ovens and other high-temperature applications. It’s simple to use: point at the object, pull the trigger, and the exact temperature will be out. It’s ideal for use with pizza stones, barbeque grates, or cast iron skillets.

Photo of a grill thermometer

Grill Thermometer

This thermometer determines when the grill surface has reached the proper searing temperature for fish or steaks. A highly useful tool, the grill thermometer accurately measures the temperature of the grill surface, ensuring that it has reached the optimal searing temperature for perfectly cooked fish or steaks. With its precise readings, you can be confident that your food will be cooked to perfection every time.

Photo of a hot beverage thermometer

Hot Beverage Thermometer

Use this Taylor thermometer for hot beverages. Not only can it prevent scalding, but it also ensures that milk is at its ideal temperature for frothing. With this thermometer, you can accurately determine the ideal temperature for your hot beverages, ensuring a safe and enjoyable drinking experience.

Photo of candy/deep fryer thermometer

Candy/Deep Fryer Thermometer

A candy/deep fryer thermometer is a helpful tool. It can measure the temperatures of oils for deep-frying or pan-frying, as well as hot sugars or caramels. This thermometer can ensure that your candy or fried foods are cooked to the perfect temperature. Plus, with accurate temperature readings, you can avoid burning or overcooking your food, which can ruin the taste and texture.

Photo of a pocket thermometer

Bio-therm Dial Pocket Thermometer

Taylor’s Bio-therm Dial Pocket Thermometer is a highly useful tool that is ideal for measuring the temperature of both meat and soups. This thermometer is compact and portable, making it perfect for use in a variety of settings. It features a clear and easy-to-read dial that accurately displays the temperature. This accuracy ensures that your food cooks to perfection every time. Whether you’re cooking in your own kitchen or on the go, this thermometer is an essential tool that you won’t want to be without.

Photo of a refrigerator/freezer thermometer

Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

This thermometer monitors temperatures for refrigerators or freezers. It reliably measures and monitors temperatures to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. With its accurate readings, you can rest assured that your food and drinks are being stored at the appropriate temperature to keep them fresh and safe for consumption. Don’t risk spoilage or waste – invest in a reliable refrigerator/freezer thermometer.


Taylor Thermometers offer a wide range of options for measuring temperature accurately. Whether you’re cooking, baking, or maintaining refrigeration, there’s a Taylor Thermometer to suit your needs. Just be sure to choose the right type for the job at hand.

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